Importing SOA VM to Amazon Cloud – Part 1


Aldough Oracle is pushing it’s own cloud solutions agresivly there are still other cloud providers in the market that can be used to build similar functionality. Migration of existing infrastructure to the comercial cloud is a scenario worth considering. Today I will show how to use Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) to move an existing SOA suite VM to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). For this porpuose I will use a Oracle Pre-built Virtual Machine for SOA Suite 12.2.1 and import it to AWS. After the import I will create a running instance that can be used further deployment and development of integration solutions.

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Listening address Change in Weblogic 12.2.1 with OWSM

Changing the listening port and address may be more complicated than just updating the settings in WebLogic Administration Console. The reason for this is the fact that Cross-Component Wiring for Auto-Discovery of Policy Manager is used.

“Wiring is simply a piece of configuration in one component that points to another component, such as a URL that points to the admin interface of a component. With cross-component wiring:

  • Service providers publish their endpoints to a Service Table. These endpoints can be published automatically, such as when you create or extend a domain using the Configuration Wizard, or can be published manually by the administrator.
  • Clients contain configuration that points to the service (for example, it has the service URL). The client is “bound” to the service by updating this configuration with the service information that was published to the Service Table. Binding is performed automatically when creating or extending a domain using the Configuration Wizard, or can be done manually by the administrator.

When you install and configure Fusion Middleware on WebLogic Server, the local service table is created. It provides a means for service providers to publish endpoint information about their services, and for clients of these services to query and bind to these services. The local service table is scoped to a domain, and contains services that are offered by that domain.”[1]

When updating the domains configuration via WebLogic Administration Console changes to Policy Manager URL are automatically published but the OWSM Agent Hook client is not automatically bound to the new URL.

This situation will cause issues with connecting to the policy manger. Let’s look at the following example how to change and update the configuration with the new addresses.

Task 1 – Updating The listening address

  • Open and login to WebLogic Administration Console as an administrator


  • Go to Environment->Servers->Configuration and click On the SOA managed server (or the server hosting OWSM policy manager )


  • Adjust the Listen address int the server Configuration->General tab and Afterwards click Save button


  • For the address change to take place a server restart is nessesary

Task 2 – Updating component Wiring

  • Login into Enterprise Manager


  • Go to Cross Component Wiring -> Components


  • In the OWSM Policy manager the connection addresses should be published. If they are not each one and click the publish button


  • Go to OWSM Agent chose “owsm-pm-connection-t3” (Notice that the status is Out of Sync) and click Bind10
  • In the Bind configuration dialog the address should be now correct. Leave the fileds as they are and Click on the Yes button.


  • Repeat the last 2 steps for all out of sync components
  • Restart All managed servers
  • As a check you can log in to EM and check if the components are Wired:



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